M46 Leader Resources

Everything You Need To Run Your Own Crash

Your Crash Leaders Guide

This is the written instruction of exactly “how to” run a Crash. This is vital information to read for anyone considering leading a Crash or even going solo.

Crash Course Season 1

These are teaching videos that should be watched in your Crash and correspond with the Crash Course Participant’s Guide. These videos provide the teaching lessons for each Crash.

Crash Leader Training Videos

These videos will prepare you to effectively lead a Crash. Each video is Tim and Kenny explaining in detail what “to do” and what “not to do” when running a Crash.

The Crash Leader’s Guide

“Every dad needs help sometimes…”

In The Crash Leader’s Guide You Will Find


The need for authenticity and transparency


Understanding M46'S Terms


How and Why M46 DADS is different than a Bible Study


How to Use your M46 Participant’s Guide


Creating an organizational plan for your unique CRASH


List of suggested videos to use at Crashes


Setting up the Room for a Crash


And other useful information about getting the most out of your Crash

Crash Leader Training Videos

What is M46 Dads?

The Basics of Leading A Crash

Organizing and Scheduling Your Crash

Things That Can help and Hurt Your Crash

M46 Challenges and M46 Moments

How to Use Your Participant’s Guide

Crash Course Season 1 Videos

Everything You Need To Run Your Own Crash

1. The Finish Line

The Tool of Proper Perspective

2. The Covenant

The Tool of Unconditional Love

3. The Temple

The Tool of Transformation

4. L.A.W.S.

The Tool of Emotional Needs

5. The Four Rhinos

The Tool of Parenting Styles

6. The Cup

The Tool of Freedom

7. Encouragement vs. Exasperation

The Tool of the Power of the Tongue

8. The Battle Cry

The Tool of Biblical Courage

9. Reconciling Rhinos

The Tool of Modeling Grace